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From the ASAIO President's Desk

To our ASAIO Members and Colleagues:

We want to make you aware of the impacts of last year’s changes to IRC Section 174, which since inception are already having an effect on grants from the National Science Foundation/SBIR Grant startup funding.

IRC Section 174 in its current form has an adverse impact on innovation, small businesses, and R&D. Whereas R&D costs were previously considered ordinary business expenses they were automatically deductible for tax purposes, they are no longer treated this way – they now require capitalization and amortization of such expenses over a period of time. Small businesses and individuals are seeing this have a chilling effect on their research and development efforts. Details regarding the new aspects of Section 174, can be found here:


ASAIO urges our members to reach out to your Senators and Washington representatives and let them know of your concerns regarding Section 174. Our community is the heart of innovation and the birth of new ideas, which require nurturing and support. The smallest idea can become the greatest innovation – please join us in raising awareness of this and in helping support the incubator ideas of our entire community.

ASAIO Journal is very pleased to announce that our 2022 Impact Factor is 4.2!
  • Highest Impact Factor in journal history
  • Highest Impact Factor in Artificial organs field
  • Ranked in Top 8 of Transplantation Journals

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The ASAIO Journal is published by Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins. Twelve (12) Annual Issues are published per year. The journal is ranked 40 of 96 out of journals in the Engineering and Biomedical fields, and 8 out of 26 journals in the Transplantation field. As of 2022, the ASAIO Journal had an impact factor of 4.2.

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ASAIO Journal is very pleased to announce that our 2022 Impact Factor is 4.2!
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