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ASAIOfyi - for young innovators

is a Strategic Initiative of ASAIO to Assist in the Development of the Future Generation of Scientists, Engineers & Clinicians in the Field. ASAIOfyi Fosters the Advancement of Young Innovators Through Career Development.

Who Are We?

ASAIOfyi is an international center of excellence for the advancement of young innovators in the field of artificial organ technologies. Young innovators are clinicians, engineers, and scientists early in their careers in the field of internal organ technologies and development. Such individuals include undergraduate and graduate students, post-graduate students, and young investigators in academia and industry.

ASAIOfyi Mission Statement

The ASAIOfyi - for young innovators fosters the advancement of young innovators, including clinicians, students, and young investigators in academia and industry, by providing the capabilities to meet their needs and values early in their careers. ASAIOfyi provides meaningful scientific guidance and active participation in a professional organization with engineers, scientists, and clinicians; creates of a forum for the exchange of innovative ideas; and encourages young innovators to experience the artificial organs field now so they can choose a career path with greater understanding and perspective.

Why should you join ASAIOfyi?

Research Advancement – enhance a young innovator’s exposure nationally and internationally, especially at the ASAIO Annual Conference. ASAIO, in general, represents a gigantic think-tank of researchers, scientists, clinicians, and students. This generates opportunities to engage in meaningful dialogue with an extremely diverse culture of researchers who are receptive to feedback and questions. Abstract submissions for consideration for presentation at the conference give young innovators the chance to present their research by oral presentation or poster display. Additionally, the bi-monthly ASAIO Peer-Reviewed Journal is an excellent vehicle for young innovators to share their work with the scientific and medical community.

Research Collaboration – connect young innovators with experts in their field. These experts have agreed to assist young innovators in solving research problems and prioritizing research strategies. One of the real strengths of ASAIO is the capability of engineers and scientists to collaborate with clinicians in their fields of interest.

Career Development – career connection through the ASAIO Job Center where members can post resumes and review job opportunities.

Business Development – assist entrepreneurial young innovators in translating research ideas into clinical practice to benefit patients. This bench-to-bedside support includes interfacing government and industrial agencies.

Research Recognition – reward outstanding young innovators for their research and contributions to the field of artificial organs. Membership in ASAIOfyi allows young innovators to be eligible for the numerous fellowships that are available through ASAIO.

Networking – ASAIOfyi introduces young innovators to the pioneers in their fields of interest and offers an opportunity to build networks for professional collaborations critical to team-oriented science and career advancement.

Leadership Development - offer opportunities early in their careers to participate in program development and to demonstrate their capability for increased responsibility.

ASAIO Membership for Calendar Year 2019

$400 Full Member
$250 Early Career if Graduated Since 2013
$250 Allied Health/US Government
$150 ASAIOfyi for young innovator Student/Resident
$50 Student/Resident with ID

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