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Top Graded Pulmonary Abstract

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Top Abstract
Jaimin Trivedi
University of Louisville
Ambulatory Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation as a Bridge to Lung Transplant

Additional Awards

Masaki Anraku
Kyorin University
Silicone-based hollow fiber membrane lungs for long-term extracorporeal respiratory supports: Initial results from a pilot study using a goat model

Reed Jenkins
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Outcomes of Recipients Aged 65 Years and Older Bridged to Lung Transplant with Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO)

Ana Martins Costa
University of Twente, Engineering Organ Support Technologies group
Combining Extracorporeal Lung and Kidney Support: Evaluation of Fibre Configurations on Gas Exchange Preservation for the Development of a Novel Highly Integrated Device (RenOx)

Niklas Steuer
HBOX Therapies GmbH
Hyperbaric Blood Oxygenation Basic Considerations and First Results

William Weiss
Penn State
Exploratory in vivo testing of a non-invasive ventilation assist device


Jose Santos
Draper, Cambridge, MA, USA
Gas Transfer Efficiency And Hemocompatibility Assessment In Microfluidic Blood Oxygenators


Ryan Orizondo
University of Pittsburgh
In Vitro Performance Of A Sulfobetaine Thromboresistant Coating In A Pump-lung Device